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Rear wing quarter cover for Peugeot 205 blank (STL)

Rear wing quarter cover for Peugeot 205 blank (STL)

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The Shapline rear wing quarter trims are reproductions designed exclusively for the Peugeot 205, ensuring perfect compatibility with your vehicle.

Smooth Rear Fender Quarter Covers (OEM Replacement Part Number)

  • 8659 66 (upper short trim for smooth right and left side)
  • 8659 66 (lower long hubcap for left side smooth monogram)
  • 8659 96 (fuel cap cover without key)
  • 8659-96
  • 8660 77 (fuel cap cover with key)
  • 8660-77
  • 8659 66 (lower long hubcap for left side, smooth monogram)
  • 8659-66

 List of compatible vehicles:

  • Peugeot 205 - 3-door sedan (1984-1998)

List of compatible versions (finishes):

  • 205 “Lacoste” (1984-1986)
  • 205 “Junior” (1986)
  • 205 "green" (1989-1991)
  • 205 “Roland Garros” (1989-1991)
  • 205 “Look” (1992)
  • 205 “Rally” (1988)
  • 205 “New Wave” (1986)
  • 205 “Open” (1987)
  • 205 “Champion” (1990)
  • 205 “Zenith” (1992)
  • 205 “sacred number” (1994-1996)


Additional information

  • Pack of 5 hubcap elements with fuel cap trim (with and without key)
  • Ready to glue (without original nipples)
  • The inscriptions are in the mass, they are not stickers
  • Exterior parts for Peugeot 205


You obtain our dematerialized files in .zip format immediately after confirmation of your purchase, it can be downloaded immediately or sent by email.

Product composition

The pack includes:

  • All 3D printing files (STL) from the pack of 5 rear quarter trim elements blank rear wing (smooth) for Peugeot 205 Shapline
  • User license

Warning: We specify here that the offer only includes dematerialized products. The elements or photos constituting the offer are there for indicative and informative purposes only. We recommend having a 3D printer with a printing plate of at least 25 x 25 cm for printing certain parts, otherwise you risk dividing them in two.

Approximate size after printing


Personalization advice

The Shapline rear wing quarter trims are specially designed to be painted to achieve a final embossed result. It is important to properly prepare the surface to be painted by sanding it very lightly to obtain a smooth and clean surface.

Apply the paint of the color of your choice to the part, taking care to preserve the raised surfaces of the acronym.

Taking all necessary measures for your safety, pour a small quantity of epoxy resin including the coloring of your choice into the embossed cavities of the acronym, while preventing the resin from overflowing from the cavity.

After letting the epoxy resin dry, apply several layers of varnish to obtain a shiny and contrasting result between the chosen colors.


We specify that the products offered in this offer are exclusively digital files.The proposed offer does not imply in no case physical products. In addition, to achieve the object proposed here, it is necessary to first have a 3D printerallowing the printing of files STL. We specify that the files sold here are subject to intellectual property law and copyright, it is therefore formally prohibited to market, exchange, modify or reproduce elements sold by Shapline , or affiliated.It is also prohibited to print the items sold for commercial purposes in any way. Failure to comply with these rules constitutes a violation of copyright and intellectual property rights which may lead to to legal proceedings.

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