Our brand wishes to inform its customers as efficiently and clearly as possible regarding the delivery of the products available on our store. Thus, during your purchases, we remind you that the price displayed does not include the price of the delivery of your order.

Indeed, in view of the wide choice of type of products available on the shop, we apply preferential rates allowing us to negotiate delivery rates worldwide through our various subcontractors.

The approach here is to offer our customers a preferential and advantageous price to guarantee bilateral satisfaction between our customers and our deliverers. In addition, our brand is committed to an ecological approach by effectively reducing the environmental impact of the delivery of your purchases by seeking, with the help of our subcontractors, a reconciliation between price, time, and impact on the environment . Thus, we will try to reduce the number of deliveries (in the case of purchases requiring several packages), or by grouping our production as close as possible to our customers around the world.

In terms of delivery times, we would like to remind our customers that the delivery time of your purchases varies according to the type of product (posters, clothing, accessories) , the availability in our warehouses, and the delivery prices charged by our deliverers. However, we are entitled to delivery within approximately 6-14 working days .

We specify however that in certain cases and socio-economic contexts more or less long deadlines can be applied and we apologize. However, this can in no way discredit the application that our brand will have to meet your requirements in terms of delivery time of your products or satisfaction .