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Delorean, DMC-12, Lotus, Porsche, PRV, V6 PRV -

Born from the mind of a visionary man wanting to offer the sportswoman of tomorrow, the   DMC-12   was successively an innovative project,   a   logistical puzzle then a flop before occupying its current position of icon of the 80s.  Today we are going to discover the secrets of the famous Delorean DMC-12 bearing the name of the person   having him   dreamed and imagined despite the barriers erect before him.

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AMG, classe E, E500, E60, Hammer, Mercedes, W124 -

Intended to replace the aging W123, the W124 inaugurates the new classification of the renowned Bavarian manufacturer. A veritable monster of robustness and reliability, this model will bring its share of novelty while surpassing the criteria that make it a real Mercedes.

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205, 205 turbo 16, gti, M24, Peugeot -

Become the savior of the Peugeot firm, when it was in real trouble, the Peugeot 205 was made famous by its multiple variations, its course in competition and its own qualities that we will present in this article dedicated to the most famous little French.

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