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Box "Tomb of the dinosaurs" (STL)

Box "Tomb of the dinosaurs" (STL)

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You feel like an explorer or an archaeologist discovering a dinosaur skeleton, several million years old preserved in the rock and covered with sand. If this evokes something in you then you will certainly be delighted to be able to print this pencil box called "the tomb of the dinosaurs". 
the box consists of four bas-reliefs each evoking a dinosaur skeleton excavation site.

The dinosaur fossils shown on the box are:

  • A Plesiosaur
  • And skull of tyrannosaurus rex
  • And skull of stegosaurus
  • A skeleton of Deinosuchus

The box can be printed with two types of lid:

  • A simple lid
  • A lid with a velociraptor claw

Board of directors

We advise you to choose a wood filament to obtain a better rendering, you can then apply paint to obtain a shaded appearance on the bas-reliefs (Shade agrax earthshade), before applying a light varnish to the parts printed and 3D.


You get our dematerialized files in format .zip immediately after confirmation of your purchase, it can be downloaded immediately or sent by email.

Product composition

The pack includes:

  • All 3D print files (STL) of the Tomb of the Dinosaurs box and its lids
  • User license

Attention : We specify here that the offer only includes dematerialized products. The elements or photos constituting the offer are only indicative and informative. We recommend having a 3D printer with a print bed of at least 25 x 25 cm for printing certain parts, otherwise they will be divided into two. 

Approx size after printing


We specify the products offered in this offer are exclusively digital files. The offered offer does not imply in no case physical products. Moreover, to achieve the object proposed here, it is necessary to have a 3D printer beforehand allowing the printing of files STL. We specify that the files sold here are subject to intellectual property law and copyright, it is therefore strictly forbidden to market, exchange, modify or reproduce elements sold by Shapline, or further. It is also prohibited to print the items sold for trade in any way. The failure to follow these rules constitutes copyright and intellectual property infringement may lead to legal proceedings.

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