Who are we ?

The Shapline brand

Shapline is an automotive-inspired brand born in 2019. It uses the contraction of the words "Shape line" meaning "shape line" or "silhouette" to evoke the cars that occupy our minds, when exposed under the twilight of the sun, the light of the lampposts or even the spotlight.

Through this idea of ​​curvature present in the design of the automotive world, the store Shapline offers products for all enthusiasts inspired by the automobile model, both iconic and unknown to the general public.

Our goal is to allow enthusiasts to bring an object or clothing recalling our common passion.

Shapline is a large boutique made for enthusiasts by enthusiasts brimming with curiosity like a car garage.

Shapline designs

Our designs are made and developed in France by shapline designers. Therefore, each of our achievements are the property of the shapline brand, which guarantees you a quality achievement and in the image of our passion.

Our realizations take again the automobile models of our time and yesterday, because at shapline we think that the beauty of the automobile is created with the assembly of two essential elements which are:

  • the feeling that the engine transmits to its driver
  • and the sensations that the curves of an automobile give to his or her owner when he is not behind the wheel.

Thus, in our creation process, we demand the greatest sensitivity from ourselves in order to produce high-quality work in our achievements in order to satisfy the gaze and passion of our customers.

Shapline production

Our products are distributed and produced under our authority on the European and American continent in order to reduce the delivery times for our customers as efficiently as possible.