The long-awaited competition has arrived Shapline. From today, we are giving away a t-shirt from the "Passion Collection". A(e) participant(e) of you can win one of the premium t-shirts from the store Shapline inspired by the car of his choice. 

The winner will be free to choose their t-shirt from this collection. And if her favorite car is not yet there, she may be. 

Contest rules:

- The competition starts on 15/11/2020 to end on 15/12/2020.

- The competition takes place exclusively on the account instagram @shaplineofficial.

- The conditions to participate in the competition are:

  • participants must like the contest post.
  • subscribe to the account @shaplineofficial on instagram.
  • tag two instagram friends in the comments of the post followed by their favorite car models. 
  • (optional): participants will be able to share the post on competition on their Instagram story.

- Any subsequent participation on the dates fixed will not be taken into account.

- The winner will be contacted via the account instagram official shop Shapline @shaplineofficial.

- The company Shapline clears customs of all counterfeiting accounts or scams and therefore cannot be held responsible for deception.

- The winner must come forward within 48 hours with the account instagram @shaplineofficial in order to allow communication either via the account instagram store or email address. 

- The winner must communicate to us for sending a gift:

  • his choice of t-shirt template
  • his t-shirt size
  • the choice of car model on the t-shirt (to be defined if not available in the store)
  • his sending address

Any errors on the part of the winner concerning his personal information after confirmation of sending cannot be modified. The shop Shapline cannot therefore be held responsible for any error on the part of the winner when sending the gift.

We certify that the information disclosed will not be shared or disclosed to the public and will remain private. These will only be kept as part of the sending of the gift to the participant to be subsequently destroyed.

- LThe winner will be drawn on 12/15/2020.

- The deadline for sending the gift may be extended, the cause being the winner's place of residence and the restrictions in force at the time of the contest.

- The competition is limited to residents of the following countries:  

Good luck to everyone.